How Do I Do It? - Cathleen Gillingham Photography

How It's Done

My current photo-reproduction setup involves a tripod, a camera, a laptop for monitoring as I shoot, a white foam-core board for the photos, and a table light. The quality of my work demands that photos either be scanned for me at the highest resolution possible for the size, or that I photograph it myself with my DSLR camera mounted to a tripod; I use a remote shutter release so as not to disturb the camera while the shutter is open.

Technical Note: The advantage of shooting with a DSLR camera over using a scanner is that I shoot the photos in the professional "Camera RAW" format and not the standard JPG format; RAW allows for greater color and tone balance corrections in post-processing. Each photo to be repaired presents itself with its own unique set of challenges, resulting in its own separate set of problem-solving skills needed to repair the damage.

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