Photo Repair Expectations - Cathleen Gillingham Photography

Before I continue, let me please first point out to you that is impossible for me or anyone else to completely "restore" a photo. It will never look like it did the day the studio printed it, as hard you try. I can, however, *repair* a photo, and with some solid editing experience and creativity, I can correct the tears, scratches, cracks, and even replace the missing pieces that make an old photo look dilapidated. I can also breathe life into a faded photo that has not been seen in years due to fading with age; I’ve had much success with enhancing color photos as well as black and white. In summary, I can:

▶︎ Color correct and repair damage

▶︎Remove people and repair damage

▶︎Fix faded photos and repair damage

▶︎Add people to photos and repair damage

▶︎Assemble pieces and repair damage

I can also restore damaged documents.

Regarding Expectations: Select a photo you wish to have repaired and edited and examine it with a magnifying glass. You will notice a lot of imperfections; these will need to be carefully repaired. Also, please make note of the graininess of the photo; the smaller the original, the grainier the photo will be in proportion to how large you wish to reprint it. There are ways for me to minimize this grain, and while I make every effort to smooth it out, it will always exist. Do you have photos that have a texture to them? These textures are hard to hide, but they do add a charm to the finished piece; the textures highlight the quality of the paper used to print the photo. I find that some of the textures and halftones sometimes used are very interesting.

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