Why Do I Do This? - Cathleen Gillingham Photography

Why Do I Do This?

I had gained possession of some old, cracked family photographs, and as I have been fortunate enough to have learned master photo retouching skills over the years from my professors, I repaired several of these old family photos by hiding the cracks, removing the spots, and correcting any coloration aberrations. I felt lucky to be able to repair these photos and have them reproduced for my family, who absolutely loved them.

I could not help but wonder what would become of other people’s memories if their photos would go without repair and continue to deteriorate over the years? Surely the images of these people in these antique photographs deserve a better fate than to crumble in a box, and certainly generations to come would appreciate having their ancestors’ photo handed down to them and repaired in all its glory. That is why I do this. It's important to preserve our family history.

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